Minors and internet education for a conscious use of the web

I propose this my “old post” trying to make it a ” guide ” and a wider reflection, it is a long post, notice immediately.

I re-write it on the occasion of the first administration of our survey cyberbullying in the mirror  in the Florentine schools that have joined this project that we carry forward completely free of charge!

Our goal is to investigate the phenomenon and provide, in our small way, useful indications of “media education” of “good practices” in relation to digital devices for: teachers, trainers and parents. We are proceeding “sent” in the administration between students, parents and schools of Florence that will lead to the publication of a book (ebook that will be downloaded for free) in 2018, with the results of the survey and especially some best practices on new media education for parents and educators .

From “insiders” in the world of web development and web marketing we intend to give our small contribution to the dissemination of a culture related to ” media education ” ( on the web and on social views of our skills ) FOR a conscious use of the internet and digital devices, to help create a better internet network!

Thanks for reading!

Cyberbullying is real, not virtual!

First we must clarify that cyberbullying is real, unfortunately the network can give a false impression of “virtuality”. Condemning any form of abuse is as fundamental as being human before as educators, parents or trainers .

Teaching tolerance, sharing, mutual support, respect for diversity that is race, religion or preference, is a FUNDAMENTAL element to educate better human beings (and this BEFORE any discussion on the internet and in the media).

If bullying is often “confined” in some environments (eg at school) cyberbullying is spreading CONTINUED h24 regardless of the “place” , and the victim does not find an escape even in his room because with the digital device the perpetrators can hit in any moment. It is NOT to demonize a means of sharing fantastic as the network but to know and educate children to a conscious use of it from a non-hostile communication, we also adhere to the manifesto of non-hostile communication and the 10 rules of communication not hostile whose FIRST rule reads:

Virtual is real
I say and write on the net only things that I dare to say in person
( here are the 10 rules of the manifesto, which we gladly report at the end of this post )

The cyber-bullying is as serious as other acts of oppression and that we should not demonize a tool like the web that can be used to improve themselves, to form, to learn and to share just like in my small way I’m doing it this long post, let’s understand better the context of the “network” and give some advice on media education for a conscious use of the web and social media!

Assuming that educating for respect and sharing are fundamental elements for our educational system!

Connected h24, life cycles and smartphones

More and more the events of news make it essential to address the issues of education to the new communication tools ( and use of information ) that the internet makes available to us.

Nomophobia and digital connections

There is a pathology called NOMOFOBIA that, in a nutshell, is FEAR to remain disconnected from your mobile phone , to remain disconnected from the mobile phone network.

Think for a moment about your day (or that of your children) how much do you check the phone? We are obsessed with the device and have it under control.

Do not confuse, the smartphone like all digital tools are wonderful tools for entertainment, cultural development and cognitive, the important thing is to use them with the right awareness.

The Internet has revolutionized the way we live, work, have fun, enjoy it is an immense tool of knowledge, but it is important to KNOW and know well the “frame” in which we operate when we connect to the internet through our devices, it is important know when privacy is at risk.

Knowledge is always the best defense, particularly when we speak of “minors” (but also for adults, knowledge is power!).

Now for a large slice of the population (even in Italy) the smartphone is the first instrument that is turned on in the morning and the last one that is turned off in the evening.

We are connected 24 hours thanks to Smartphones that for performance (CPU speed, memory, screen size) and connectivity (often in Italy the mobile internet connection are also faster than “normal adsl”) are much more powerful than “old PCs “And allow us to make purchases, chat, read, communicate,” fuck “, search for music online, train us and so on. etc.

These processes change the way we think , the way we relate to others, to buy, to study, etc.

It is therefore necessary a ” support ” that goes in many directions, not only computer technician (how to use a certain software or a specific device) but deeper, ” holistic “, that can go deep!

For example, explaining how social networks really work, what are the mechanisms that imply advertising and marketing on social networks and on the web, how to identify a reliable source and avoid “fake news” and hoaxes, how to safely use a search engine, the rules to keep in the social sphere, to understand the dynamics behind ” gaming that sometimes becomes a real addiction that leads to or can lead to aggressive and antisocial behavior when it is abused ” and to chat in online games and so on.

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